JUNE 15th-17th 2018


The Bowling Green Massacre is a unique 3 day Kings of War event featuring an overarching storyline that connects a doubles-team campaign event, a new mini-game, and a competitive 5 game qualifier for the US Masters Southeast region.

Each attendee will receive a set of custom dice, wooden tokens accessories, a custom turn counter block, and a Kings of War supplement-styled players pack with the story, campaign, and scenarios of the event along with bonus scenarios and content!

Prizes for the events includes weapons, decorative shields, and custom trophies. In addition there will be prizes for the best club performance,.and a special award for the best highest score for all 3 events.  Vendors will be present, along with a raffle and prize support from multiple companies.  Hosted by the GUV gaming club and The Omnipotent Orcling, The Bowling Green Massacre promises a Kings of War weekend with something for every style of gamer!

Each player will get an additional customizable Colonel Hero Character, adhering to the rules of army composition as detailed below, to use in addition to their list at all 3 events.  


Bowling Green is within driving range of 3 regions, besides the Southeast where it is based, and should draw a range of great players with drastically different playstyles.  We are set for 40 players, but can accommodate many more if needed!

Bowling Green is a college town so there are plenty of nearby options for food/drinking!

1021 Wilkinson Trace
Bowling Green, KY 42103


Open: 12 noon
Sign in: 3:00
Commencement: 3:45
Blood on the Bluegrass (Team Campaign):
Round 1: 4:00-5:15
Round 2: 5:30-7:00
Round 3: 7:15-8:45
Awards: 9:00

Open: 8:00 AM
Sign in: 8:15
Commencement: 8:45
The Bowling Green Massacre (SE Qualifier):
Round 1: 9:00-11:30
Round 2: 12:00-2:30
Lunch: 2:30-4:00
Round 3: 4:00-6:30
Portal Wars: 7:00-Finished
Open: 8:00 AM
Sign in: 9:30
The Bowling Green Massacre (SE Qualifier):
Round 4: 10:00-12:30
Round 5: 1:00-3:30
Awards Ceremony: 4:00-Finished



Payments for the event can be made via PayPal using the friends and family option to: taylorchristianlee@hotmail.com

Bowling Green Massacre Weekend Pass - $45 - This grants entry to all the events of the weekend.
Events Pass - $10 - This will grant you entry to Blood on the Bluegrass, Portal Wars, and The Mantic Painting Competition, but not to the BGM SE Qualifier.  Perfect for the person who can’t attend every event.
T-Shirt Addon - $5 - If you wish to add a T-Shirt just add $5 to your payment.  We will have some shirts available at the event for $10, but sizes will be limited.

Submit your Bowling Green Massacre tournament lists to modowaki@rocketmail.com by May 28th, 2018. Please include your Name, Force List (lists for Portal Wars and Blood on the Bluegrass are not due till a week before the event), and your club affiliation in your email with subject, “INSERT NAME ARMY LIST”.
You should also have at least one copy for yourself and one copy to share with the opposing teams before each game. This is an open list tournament, this means that you must disclose to your opponents all units and equipment, including Magical Artifacts, in your army prior to deployment.
Your Force List must include:
All of the models in your army.
All equipment in your army, including Magical Artifacts.
Points values for everything in your army.
We recommend using Easy Army for creating your Force Lists:
Please do not use acronyms on an copy of your Force List. If any mistakes are found during the tournament that were not picked up on, the results of all the games in which the team used the illegal list will immediately be changed to 26-0, in favor of the opposition. This will apply even if the mistake was a totally honest one, so please do double check your Force List before the tournament. The lists will be checked by tournament organizer but you are ultimately responsible for your own list.


The Colonel

The Colonel Starts with the following stats:
Sp 6  Me 4  Ra 4  De 4 Att 5 Ne -/15
Individual, Very Inspiring, CS(1)

Choose ONE item:
Whiskey Barrel- At the start of the game the player may choose one unit to become Fearless.
Louis Villien Slugger- Counts as a melee attack.  Roll 1 dice to hit, The slugger has blast (d6+3).  All hits are resolved at CS(2).
Man O War- Change from Individual to Large Cavalry, gains fly, spd 10.
Tobacco Pipe- Grants Ensnare.  In addition, the Colonel’s De can never be reduced by any means.

Choose ONE ability:
Rebel Yell- Counts as ranged attack. 18” range, Roll a 1d6, on a 5+ the target is wavered (unless fearless).  One use per game.
Coming Down the Stretch- Add 2” to a units charge range when within 6” of the Colonel ONLY if performing a multicharge on the same target with the Colonel.  
Follow Me!- Any unit that is within 6” of the Colonel and also in that units front arc (or even with it’s front facing) gains Iron Resolve, and Headstrong.
Brewmaster-  One hero with in line of sight of the Colonel may use up to 3 different spells or ranged attacks.  One use per game.



Players may take forces from the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook, Uncharted Empires, and Historicals.  The temporary Twilight Kin list that can be downloaded on Mantic’s website will also be allowed.  
Living Legends are allowed, but the formations from Edge of the Abyss will not be.
The current Clash of Kings competitive play rules, along with current FAQ/errata  will apply to all armies.
Player’s will take a special Colonel hero character in addition to their lists in all 3 events at BGM, the rules for creating your Colonel can be found below.
Allies are allowed at 25% of your total force rounded down, so no more than 560 points maximum.

Terrain will be preset on the table, and will have the following heights throughout the tournament;
Forests- Height 5
Blocking Terrain- Height 4
Hills- Height 2
Obstacles- Height 1
Difficult Terrain- FLAT (Cover only to units 50% inside of terrain.)

Army Composition
Players may take forces from the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook, Uncharted Empires, and Historicals.  The temporary Twilight Kin list that can be downloaded on Mantic’s website will also be allowed.  
Living Legends are allowed, but the formations from Edge of the Abyss will not be.
The current Clash of Kings competitive play rules, along with current FAQ/errata  will apply to all armies.
Players will take a special Colonel hero character in addition to their lists in all 3 events at BGM.
Event specific army rules can be found in the event’s info.n the table, and will have the following heights throughout the tournament;
Forests- Height 5
Blocking Terrain- Height 4
Hills- Height 2
Obstacles- Height 1
Difficult Terrain- FLAT (Cover only to units 50% inside of terrain.)



There will be a separate competition on Saturday night for the best painted Mantic Unit or Individual model.  Model(s) must be made by Mantic and from the Dungeon Saga, Kings of War, or Vanguard model lines.  This does not have to be a unit you are using during the weekend's games, but it can be.
Please let the TO know at sign in if you wish to take part.

Blood on the Bluegrass

Blood on the Bluegrass is a doubles team mini tournament with a campaign format.

Army Composition
Teams made up of two 800 point lists (1600 points total), both with customized Colonel.  In the first scenario players will only bring 600 point lists (1200 per side), the second two games will be at the 800 point level.
Any Force Lists may be paired together to form a team regardless of alignment, but an evil/good combination cannot inspire, or use spells on, their partner’s force.
If the teams are of agreeable alignment (not an evil/good duo) they may cast spells and inspire their partner’s army as if a friendly, non allied unit.
Allies may NOT be used in this event.

Please remember to follow the rules of the Organized Play Book regarding the forces point size in relation to number of War Engines, Heroes or Monsters allowed for each event.

Round 1:Unsteady Ground
Players will use 600 point force lists for this scenario (1200 pts a team)
Setup: The board will be split into 4 2x3 sections.  A team will split the deployment zone and decide which quarter of the table their individual army will start on, then deploy there with the following exceptions:
Withhold the Colonels and up to 1 hero for each army (2 Colonels and up to 2 heroes per team) . When both sides have fully deployed, roll off again to see who deploys their Heroes first. These characters must be deployed within 8” of the exact center of the table and in the same table quarter that their respective force deployed on
Scenario Rules:
The Commander and other Heroes at the center of the table may not attack enemy units, nor be attacked, during the first turn.
Whenever a unit moves/charges into a new table quarter they must roll a d6, on a result of 1 the ground collapses into a massive sinkhole under the unit and it is considered routed.
Victory: Whichever team controls the most squares (using Unit Strength) at the end of the game is the winner.
For Next Round: Keep track of any units that survive.

Round 2: Scorched Earth-
Use full 1600 pt team list for this scenario.
Setup:  For this scenario treat terrain the same as in the SECURE scenario, but teams score a VP when they “bomb” a piece of terrain (each piece of terrain can only be bombed once.   After deployment each player marks a unit to be their bomber (2 per team).
Scenario Rules:   Bombs can be activated at the end of movement (outside of deployment zone) and explode 1 turn later, the unit can also charge a enemy unit and activate the bomb instantly in melee combat (or attack as usual).  Bombs have 2d6 hits with piercing 2 on any unit within 6" and destroys the bomber unit.  When a unit with the bomb is routed through combat the bomb is considered diffused and does not explode.
Special Rules: Any units that survived the last battle gain Vanguard for this scenario.
Victory:  Victory is awarded to the team that bombs the most hills, difficult, or impassable pieces of terrain fully within the opponent's half of the table.  
For Next Round: Be sure to record any units that kill a enemy Colonel or diffuses a bomb.

Round 3: There’s No Teleporting In KoW
Use full 1600 pt team list for this scenario.
Setup-Before rolling for sides players roll for d3+1 portals, can be represented by Objective markers. Players take turns placing them near the center of the 2x1 flanks of the deployment zone
Special Rules-
For this scenario the Colonels and forces of the teams do not inspire each other and cannot cast spells on each other.
Any Unit that killed an enemy Colonel, or diffused a bomb, in the last round gains inspiring
Moving Through the Portal- Anytime a unit travels through a portal it rolls a d6, on a 1 (no re roll) the unit is lost to the nightmare realm of the ways and considered routed (Does not count for opponents attrition).  When you exit a portal you come out in the direction you were traveling (or the nearest open side of the portal if blocked),  After exiting a portal the unit comes out with the Disordered status..  If the unit cannot fit in the destination then they cannot enter the portal.   
    Example (images inc)
    Enter:  --> []   Arrive: [] -->
Follow the conditions for the Dominate Scenario.

Victory 15pts
Draw 10pts
Loss 5pts

Kill Points Difference Adjust Score By
0-99 0
100-399 +1/-1
400-799 +2/-2
800-1159 +3/-3
1200-1599 +4/-4
1600+ +5/-5

In addition there will be 6 Bonus Points available in each game for the completion of Bonus Missions. Each game will award a maximum of 26 points.
Bonus Missions will be revealed closer to the event
There will be up to 6 Bonus CP that can be earned in each game, they will be revealed closer to the event.

There will be awards (1 for each team member) for;
First Place
Second Place

Portal Wars

Portal Wars is a modified King of the Hill game where the survivor of each game is teleported to the killing fields of another battle.  The last army standing after all others have been destroyed will be the Portal Master!

Army Composition
800 point list plus customized Colonel.
Allies may not be used in this event.
Troops may be selected as if they were regiments but do not offer unlocks.  Special units marked with * must be unlocked as normal.  (so yes you have to unlock Stampedes)  The normal rules for army selection will be in use at the points limit of 800.  So you may not take more than one of any warmachine, monster, or hero.  You may also not take any living legends.

Event Rules
To win Portal Wars you must eliminate all other players and be the last army standing.
All players will be separated 1v1 on a 3’x3’ battlefield.  Players will start the game and play as if it was a kill scenario.  
Each battle can end one of two ways:
1 Killing your opponent's entire army
2 Having your Colonel in base contact with the portal when your opponents colonel dies. In this case the player who did not activate the portal removes his or her entire army as it is now dead and is knocked out of the competition.
If either of these instances happen then you will call out “ACTIVATED” and your game ends immediately.  A judge will come to your table and verify that the game has in fact ended.
After a player has called activated the rest of the players will then continue the current game round that they are on and the stop before starting another round.  A judge will then lead all activated players to another table already in use with the remaining force of their army with all wounds removed.  The new army will then deploy on the board edge that they choose (if more than one army teleports at the same time the player that activated first will choose first), they may not deploy closer than 6” from any enemy force and must start with the back edge of each unit against the edge of the table.  When all players have moved the next round begins.
The player that just teleported to the battle will go first and the other players will roll to see what order they will go, as the flash from the portal is to much to remain aware of what is happening.  If more than one player is moved to the same battle then all players will roll to see the order of play as all players will be stunned.
This continues until there is only one army left with no turn limits.

Last Man Standing
First Man Out


Bowling Green Massacre

Bowling Green Massacre is a 5 game 2250 point Master’s qualifying tournament for the Southeast Region.

Army Composition
2250 pts, plus The Colonel special character.

Will be released after COK 2018

Victory:    15
Draw:        10
Loss:        5

Kill points difference adjusted by attrition:
0-299        = 0
300-699    = +1/-1
700-1199    = +2/-2
1200-1599    = +3/-3
1600-1999    = +4/-4
>2000        = +5/-5

Each round will have an additional 5 bonus points that can be earned for a maximum total of 25 battle points per game.  All battle points will be added to the player's total tournament points for a maximum of 125.
Players may be awarded up to 50 points for painting but only the first 20 points will be added to your tournament points.  The other 30 points will be used for best painted.
Sportsmanship will be scored after each game on a scale of 0-3.  If a 3 is given you should be able to describe to the judges why they were such a great player to play.  After the last round you will be asked to list your top 3 opponents from the weekend in order of favorite to third favorite.  Each vote will be worth 1, 2, or 3 points respectively.  Only the 15 maximum from each game will count towards your tournament points, the rest will be for sportsmanship awards. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and if the judges decide that a player is making the weekend a terrible time for other players you will be asked to leave!
The maximum total tournament points will be 160.  In the event of a tie in tournament points attrition will be used as a tiebreaker.  If a tie is not broken then sports scores will be used then paint.  If tie is still not broken the player with the best Colonel chosen by the TO will be the victor.

There will be awards for;
Best Overall: Total Tournament Points
First General: Highest Battle Points
Second General: Second Battle Points
Third General: Third Battle Points
Best Painted: Highest Total Paint Score
Sportsmanship: Highest Total Sports Score
Counter Charger: Player in the exact middle of the pack
Last Place: Player with the lowest total Tournament Points
Best Good/Neutral/Evil Armies: Highest Total Tournament Points per Faction
The GUVna: Chosen by the TO for a special reason
Best Colonel: The player with the best Colonel mini
Guv Club fur da Best Club: The club with the highest average Tournament Points


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