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Common pitfall cards by John Hogge

Erich Trowbridge- Goblins
Allen Buehner - Elves
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers
Charlie Ryan- Ogres
Geroge O'Connel- Elves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

The Bowling Green Massacre

June 15th-17th 2018

The Bowling Green Massacre is a unique 3 day Kings of War tournament featuring 3 events and an overarching storyline that connects a doubles-team campaign event, a new mini-game, and a competitive 5 game qualifier for the US Masters Southeast region.

Each attendee will receive a set of custom dice, wooden tokens accessories, a custom turn counter block, and a Kings of War supplement-styled players pack with the story, campaign, and scenarios of the event, along with bonus scenarios and content!

Prizes for the events includes weapons, decorative shields, and custom trophies. In addition there will be prizes for the best club performance, and a special award for the best score over all 3 events.  Vendors will be present, along with a raffle and prize support from multiple companies.  Hosted by the GUV gaming club and The Omnipotent Orcling, The Bowling Green Massacre promises a Kings of War weekend with something for every style of gamer!

Each player will get an additional customizable Colonel Hero Character, adhering to the rules of army composition as detailed below, to use in addition to their list at all 3 events.  All events will follow the rules of Kings of War 2nd Edition, the FAQ/Errata, and the current Clash of Kings competitive play supplement.  

The Events

Blood on the Bluegrass

The Friday night Campaign styled doubles-team event will feature three 1600 point games (800 point list plus Colonel character, per player) that follows a story of tentative alliances in the face of mutual foes.  The events that unfold in the campaign are the beginnings of a conflict that could destroy the civilized lands of Mantica, and leave all that is good in shambles.
All armies will follow the guidelines for creating lists from the rules of army composition detailed below. Stay tuned to this spot, full rules and scenarios will be released at a later date!


Portal Wars

Saturday night will feature a new mini event known as Portal Wars, a Kings of War royal rumble/survival event.  Players will take a 800 point force list with an additional Colonel Hero (use your list from Blood on the Bluegrass if you want!), they will then face off against each other in a scenario that will find the remainder of the victors army teleported to a new map to face the victor of another game, until only one army remains.  

This mini game is meant for to be a quick, and fun, cap to the main tournament's first day, and will bestow several awards that can go towards a player's weekend total for a special award. total for a special award!

Stay tuned to this spot, full rules and scenarios will be released at er date!


Bowling Green Massacre

The Bowling Green Massacre- The main event of the weekend will be a 2-day, 5 game, 2250 point tournament.  In addition to their list each player will take a customizable Colonel hero character that is detailed in army creation below.  Stay tuned to this spot, full rules and scenarios will be released at a later date!r date!


Mantic Painting Competition

There will be a separate competition on Saturday night for the best painted all mantic Unit or Individual model.  Model(s) must be made by Mantic and from the Dungeon Saga, Kings of War, or Vanguard model lines.
Please let the TO know when you register if you wish to take part.

The Venue

1021 Wilkinson Trace
Bowling Green, KY 42103

Bowling Green is within driving range of 3 regions, besides the Southeast where it is based, and should draw a range of great players with drastically different playstyles.  We are set for 40 players, but can accommodate many more if needed!

Force Creation

Players may take forces from the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook, Uncharted Empires, and Historicals.  The temporary Twilight Kin list that can be downloaded on Mantic’s website will also be allowed.  
Living Legends are allowed, but the formations from Edge of the Abyss will not be.
The current Clash of Kings competitive play rules, along with current FAQ/errata  will apply to all armies.
Players will take a special Colonel hero character in addition to their lists in all 3 events at BGM, the rules for creating your Colonel can be found below.
Allies are allowed at 25% of your total force rounded down, so no more than 560 points maximum.

Event specific:

Bowling Green Massacre- 2250 point list plus customized Colonel,

Portal Wars- 800 point list plus customized Colonel.
Allies may not be used in this event.

Blood on the bluegrass- Teams made up of two 800 point lists (1600 points total), both with customized Colonel.
Any Force Lists may be paired together to form a team regardless of alignment, but an evil/good combination units cannot inspire, or use spells on, their partner’s force.
If the teams are of agreeable alignment (not an evil/good duo) they may cast spells and inspire their partner’s army as if a friendly, non allied unit.
Allies may NOT be used in this event.
Be prepared for a scenario that may see you holding back 100-200 points of each player’s list during deployment.  The scenarios will be released well before the event.
Please remember to follow the rules of the Organized Play Book regarding the forces point size in relation to number of War Engines, Heroes or Monsters allowed for each event.

The Colonel

The Colonel Starts with the following stats:
Sp 6  Me 4  Ra 4  De 4 Att 5 Ne -/15
Individual, Very Inspiring, CS(1)

Choose ONE item:
Whiskey Barrel- At the start of the game the player may choose one unit to become Fearless.
Louis Villien Slugger- Counts as a melee attack.  Roll 1 dice to hit, The slugger has blast (d6+3).  All hits are resolved at CS(1).
Man O War- Change from Individual to Large Cavalry, gains fly, spd 10, and TC2.
Tobacco Pipe- Grants Ensnare.  In addition, the Colonel’s De can never be reduced by any means.

Choose ONE ability:
Rebel Yell- Counts as ranged attack. 18” range, Roll a 1d6, on a 5+ the target is wavered (unless fearless).
Coming Down the Stretch- Add 2” to a units charge range when within 6” of the Colonel ONLY if performing a multicharge on the same target with the Colonel.
Follow Me!- Any unit that is within 6” of the Colonel and also in that units front arc (or even with it’s front facing) gains Iron Resolve, and Headstrong.
Brewmaster- Once per game the hero may use up to 3 different spells or ranged attacks.

Vanguard Alpha Playtest Rules

Recent Additions

Lists of Infamy

Jeff Oneal- Goblins
David Lundy- Dwarves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Cyle Pool- Goblins
Aaron Chapman- Abyssal Dwarves
Dustin Howard- Orcs
Kevin VonFeldt- Dwarves
Nick Williams- Abyssals
Josh Rosado- Forces of Nature
Alex Cha- Dwarves
Matthew Schaeffer- Ratkin
Christopher James- Goblins
Shannon Shoemaker- Mongols
Erich Trowbridge- Goblins
Allen Buehner - Elves
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers
Charlie Ryan- Ogres
Geroge O'Connel- Elves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

Events and Competitive Play

Club- Glancing 6 - TN


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