Club Registry

Here is where you can find your nearest Kings of War gaming club.  Many of these groups are competitive players and/or have an established system for meet ups and finding games.  If you would like to see your club represented here please send us the Club's name (and logo is applicable), location, and a way for someone to get in contact.




Bowling Green, Kentucky
Facebook- Taylor Lee
Laughing Corpse
Nashville, TN
East TN
Facebook - Todd Perkins
Facebook - Timothy Smith

Blues City Brawlers
Memphis, TN
Rob Phaneuf
​Twitter: @Retroalias  

Sons of Vulcan
Birmingham, AL
Shawn Williams
Dayton, OH
​Mike CarterWebsite
Glancing 6
​Johnny Murr​
Ashland City, TN

Vanguard Alpha Playtest Rules

Recent Additions

Lists of Infamy

Jeff Oneal- Goblins
David Lundy- Dwarves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Cyle Pool- Goblins
Aaron Chapman- Abyssal Dwarves
Dustin Howard- Orcs
Kevin VonFeldt- Dwarves
Nick Williams- Abyssals
Josh Rosado- Forces of Nature
Alex Cha- Dwarves
Matthew Schaeffer- Ratkin
Christopher James- Goblins
Shannon Shoemaker- Mongols
Erich Trowbridge- Goblins
Allen Buehner - Elves
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers
Charlie Ryan- Ogres
Geroge O'Connel- Elves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

Events and Competitive Play

Club- Glancing 6 - TN


The Tale of Foreriders 
Christopha Blog