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1-14-2018  We are excited to announce the first event for the Colonel's cup Feburary 17th at Hobby Town in Bowling Green!  Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks as we hope to add 6-7 more events throughout the year, and check out below for more information on the first Kentucky event of the year!


The Colonel's Cup is a Kings of War league made up of 1 day tournaments across Kentucky and organized by groups from different parts of the state.  The league season will conclude with a chance for qualifying players to claim the state title; The Colonel's Cup.
With this being the first season please be aware that some details of the Colonel's Cup could change if needed, any changes will be posted here and on the Kentucky Kings of War facebook group. Ple

 For the innagural 2018 season the ruling body (if the need arises) for the Colonel's Cup will be Charlie Ryan, Taylor Lee, and Patrick Cunningham.

-To be invited to the Colonel's Cup 2018 championship you will have to be ranked among the top 6 qualifying scores of the league.  The Championship be held at the end of the season, date and location TBA.

-Each player’s top 3 qualifier scores will be added to get their qualifying score, scores will be tracked on this page (below).  Qualifier scores will be calculated by taking half the number of attendees of the participating tournament and adding that to 100 to a maximum of 110 (so an event with 20 players or more all count the same). The winner of the tournament will then receive the high score with each subsequent person receiving two fewer points.  For example at a 14 person tournament, the winner will receive 107 points, second place 105, third 103, etc. Scores for tournaments with an odd number of players will be rounded up.

-Qualifying tournaments for the Colonel's Cup will be listed further below.  The qualifying score will be based on Battle scores.  All events will be held within Kentucky state lines, and anyone interested in running an event in their area should contact us to have their event added to the list of qualifiers.
We will also be allowing scores, based on the above formula, from the 2 day tournaments Bowling Green Massacre and Sword of Kings.  These events will count as qualifiers for both the Governor's Cup and the South East Region of the US Masters.

-All players are welcome to compete for the Colonel's Cup, regardless of residency.  The only requirements for qualification are those included above.
Contact us through the Kentucky KoW group,
or at


  1. Colonel's Cup Bowling Green Qualifier
    Bowling Green, KY           Saturday Feb. 21st
    Organizer: Taylor Lee      Entry: 15$ at the event

    Hobby Town USA
    2345 Russellville Rd.
    Bowling Green, KY 42101

    4 Rounds at 2000 points,  CoK2018 Rules
    Free lunch will be served!
    Find Info on the event page at Kentucky KoW !
  2. Sword of Kings
    Elizabethtown, KY
    Sept. 1-2, 2018 
    Organizer: Hard Knox Games

    Hard Knox Games
    1704 N Dixie Hwy, Ste G1
    Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    For more info- Facebook
  3. Bowling Green Massacre
    Bowling Green, KY
    June 15-17th
    Organizer: Taylor Lee

    For more info and registration:

    2250 points
    CoK2018 Rules
    ​5 Rounds

Bowling Green

Bowling Green Massacre

Sword of Kings


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