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Lists of Infamy

Keith Randall- Elves
Jeff Traish- Dwarves
Jeff Oneal- Goblins
David Lundy- Dwarves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Cyle Pool- Goblins
Aaron Chapman- Abyssal Dwarves
Dustin Howard- Orcs
Kevin VonFeldt- Dwarves

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers
Charlie Ryan- Ogres
Geroge O'Connel- Elves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves


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Events and Competitive Play

The Colonel's Cup
Club- Glancing 6 - TN


Battle Reports- War Kings of Cape Cod
The Tale of Foreriders 
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Lists of Infamy

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This page hopes to keep a log of some of the tournament winning lists, preferably with commentary from the player on how their army handled the competition and why their list works so well for them.  This page will only be possible with the help of the players and TO's, so please make sure to submit your info after your victories!

Varangur with Abyssal Allies -
Keystone 2017 Champion & George O'Connell-Tabling List by Michael Szedlmayer
Varangur with Abyssals - Lady of the Lake 2017 winning list played by Jeff Schlitigen
Goblins - 3rd place at Lady of the Lake list by Shannon Shoemaker
Ogres - 3rd place at Mountaineer list played by Tony Nelson
Varangur - South West Clash winning list by Dan King
 - Slobberknocker GT 2017 winning list by Aaron Chapman