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KoW Historicals




Clash of Kings Tournament pack 2016, 2017 ​​
International Campaign Day pack 2016, 2017

By the Outlanders game club, siege rules for Kings of War.  If you have any feedback please send to KoW Russ on Facebook!

By Neldoreth of An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields.   A collection of unofficial supplements for Kings of War (Not KoW Historicals).  Contains 4 supplements for different eras of ancient warfare.
By Ironwatch Games.  Star-Struck City is a skirmish game played with warbands of 5-15 models from the various armies of Kings of War as they battle for supremecy of the ruins of Perditus.  Rules and stat lines are very similar to what you know from KoW and games go by very fast.  Pull out your hero models and all that old Mordheim terrain and get to playing!