Vanguard Alpha Playtest Rules

Recent Additions

Lists of Infamy

Jeff Oneal- Goblins
David Lundy- Dwarves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Cyle Pool- Goblins
Aaron Chapman- Abyssal Dwarves
Dustin Howard- Orcs
Kevin VonFeldt- Dwarves
Nick Williams- Abyssals
Josh Rosado- Forces of Nature
Alex Cha- Dwarves
Matthew Schaeffer- Ratkin
Christopher James- Goblins
Shannon Shoemaker- Mongols
Erich Trowbridge- Goblins
Allen Buehner - Elves
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers
Charlie Ryan- Ogres
Geroge O'Connel- Elves
Bryan Tucker- Abyssals
Mike Szedlmayer - Elves

Events and Competitive Play

Club- Glancing 6 - TN


The Tale of Foreriders 
Christopha Blog


Here is the wonderful Kings of War community all laid out before you!  These are all the things you should be following/listening to.  If you see any of your favorites not listed here then please let us know via Contact and Submissions . And a big thank you to all these sites/bloggers/youtubers that have made this the greatest community in gaming!

Mantic Forums

EasyArmy list builder

Mantic Games

Ironwatch- Mantic Fan Magazine

Luke's APS Youtube



LakeS.W.A.T.T. Fantasy Squad

Facebook Pages

The Beer Phase


US Divisions


International campaign day fluff/story by Ben Stoddard

KoW Windows 10 App by Dicey Date
Epic Dwarf Map Pack- Map set ups for your game of KoW by Epicdwarf
KoW Item and Spell Cards - Printable cards for your game by Kodos

Army Groups

Waltz Sachem's Channel / Vlog