Strategy and Tactics

On this page we will endeavor to provide with you various strategies for Kings of War.  Strategies for list building and gameplay from all corners of the internet will be connected here, along with related topics such as misunderstood and optional rules.  At times TOO may provide some original content here, but there are far more experianced than I to comment on such things.  If you are one of these experianced ladies or gentlemen please feel free to share your knowledge with TOO and the rest of the community at our submissions page!
Strategy from everyone's favorite battle reppers, Master Crafted Gaming.  Video one of a series, the rest can be found on their channel.
List building with one of our favorite battle reppers; Holy Diver​​
Play Examples from Giant Dwarf
10 Common rules mistakes - Micky Ward ​​

Tactics for Kings of War- by Briohmar.  An Amazing guide for the player wanting to up their game to the next level.

Unit Class - By Nick Williams
When's best to charge? - By Nick Williams on the Mantic Blog
Anti-Flyer Tactics - A great post on the Mantic Forums by Nick Williams.
Threat Projection - By Nick Williams

Kings of War Resource Tactica - There were a few tactica posts before the page went on hiatus
KoW Tactics Reddit - Some basic tactics for most armies of Kings of War
Kings of Math - A forum post containing a spreadsheet for KoW Mathhammer.

From Lake S.W.A.T.T. podcast:
​Episode 19:


List Builder Studio
Episode 192:
Episode 188:
​Episode 168: