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  1. New Monster Pre-Orders and New Bundles!
    23 Sep, 2017
    New Monster Pre-Orders and New Bundles!
    Mantic has put the Revenant King on Undead Wyrm, along with the wing upgrade kit, and the Dwarven Steel Behemoth up for pre-order on their website!  The new kits will be ready to ship on October 20th. In addition to the pre-order Mantic has also put new army boxes on their website.  Theres the option of standard army starter boxes or the mega army boxes as always, but these new boxes include the respective Monster models for the faction and a copy of the rules book. You can check out the new
  2. More shots of the new Steel Behemoth
    12 Sep, 2017
    More shots of the new Steel Behemoth
    Mantic has released more shots of their new Steel Behemoth kit, along with a release date of October for some of the new resin. First we have some more angles of the metal beast; Then we see some shots of the crew; Kings of War fans all over the world are trying to figure out how to add Steel Behemoths to their Dwarf lists so they can field this guy.  Keep an eye out at your LFGS this October!
  3. Mantic unveils new monstrous models!
    09 Sep, 2017
    Mantic unveils new monstrous models!
    In the last few days Mantic has been sliding in pictures of forthcoming monstrous reinforcements for the Undead and Dwarves. Here is the new Wyrm Rider; And another shot, now being used as their social media logo: And the Dwarf faction is also finally receiving a Iron Beast model; These models follow the recent release of the nee Tree Herder model and shows that Mantic has been working on adding some of the larger monstrous kits that have been missing from the existing ranges,.  It also
  4. Michael Adkins' Abyssals / Lists for the list god!
    22 Aug, 2017
    Michael Adkins' Abyssals / Lists for the list god!
    Hello again guys and gals, another quick update jam packed with lists from Discover GT, the Doubles list Charleston Throwdown, and Bayou Battles!  We also have a new army to feature in the showcase; Michael Adkins’ jaw dropping Abyssals that won best painted at the Keystone GT!!  Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing and unique army now, I promise you’ll be glad you did. Sorry this post is so short, we should have tons of new content ready to go after Sword of Kings.  Stay tuned, enjoy
  5. Updates and additions (lists, army pictures, events, and more!)
    13 Aug, 2017
    Updates and additions (lists, army pictures, events, and more!)
    Hey guys, I haven't been able to get many updates together over the last month as life has stayed consistently busy for me.  Thankfully Billy has been posting about his adventures in 10mm that has caught the interest of many (be sure to check the last few posts if you've missed it!) and his last piece on painting during work breaks has got me seeking out compact light sources for painting on third shift!   I am in the process of trying desperately to finish my Ogres before Sword of Kings but
  6. 08 Aug, 2017
    Hello again, Party People! I've got another fun little article for you guys today.  I often hear people talk about how they can't find time to paint or don't have a dedicated painting space available to really sit down and dig into some hobby. Perhaps you feel like by the time you dig out paints, get it all set up, work on a color or two, and pack up, it's no longer worth it.  Never fear, because I have come up with a brilliant solution: The Billy-O-Matic Portable Hobby Station! Basically

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