TOO was created towards the end of 2016 as a page where all aspects of the Kings of War community could be connected.  We aspire to collect any and all things KoW to one hub to serve as a tool for players, and to shine a light on any content providers for the game.  Beyond that we also want to provide a voice for the community; if you would like a place to share your own content (tournament reports, battle reports, strategy, etc), or if you need a webpage for an event that you are running then get in contact with us! 
I grew up on a steady diet of comics, RPG video games, and D&D source books.  The first fantasy strategy game I played (and obssessed over)  was Warcraft II, and like many others, I went on to spend an embarrassing amount of my life in World of Warcraft.  But my passion has been Kings of War since the end of 1st edition.  My club, GUV,  is made up of people I've gamed with for a long time, most of us were officers in our highschool role playing games club!   After the destruction of the game world that my club brothers had grown to love over 15 years I was able to show them the light of Mantic and I'm happy to say that GUV is very much a KoW club these days!
I'm a nice mix of every style of KoW gamer; I love campaign play, always trying to push my hobby skills, and a (sometimes) competitive tournament player.  I always strive to be an ambassador of the game and encourage it's growth, which was a driving force behind the idea of The Omnipotent Orcling!
You can follow my exploits in hobby mediocrity on Twitter @TheOrcling
I am fortunate enough to have a longtime club, The Blues City Brawlers, that has been mostly a Warhammer Fantasy club until Sigmar dropped. Rob Phaneuf swooped in and converted us all to Kings of War, and the rest is history. 

I'm definitely a hobby gamer and live to improve my paint and try new  hobby techniques. I'm really excited to start contributing to TOO. If there's demand, I may even do some tutorials in the future!

Dwarfs are the best army. Period. 

Follow me on Twitter @Billy_Capgun
Wargames are all about the community to me. As a kid, I was always inspired by the people behind my favorite games and movies. I thought, if I could give somebody the kind of entertainment they were giving me...I'd feel pretty rewarded. Kings of War has given me an incredible opportunity to do just that. Making content that gets others aware of such a fun gaming system is a mission I'm thrilled to support. You can find my content here on this page as well as on my personal YouTube channel, Master Crafted. I specialize in video content and even help Mantic produce some of their visuals as well. If you see me at an event, feel free to say hi!
Born a mere mortal of a middle class family but destined for more. The greatest of us all. But seriously been a wargamer for most of my life and an all around nerd. Glad to see the community grow and even more happy with the people I have met since Charlie turned me to KOW after the the loss of my Hammer. Good at trash talk but as I have found out I seem to be a very friendly opponent. Hope to see you all at Bowling Green Massacre 2018 (hopefully an event to remember)
Been a geek for a long time. Got into wargaming when my dad brought home a game called Battle Masters. I played the good guys (learned quickly that the cannon was broke, and awesome!) 

Dabble in 40k and Deadzone. Tinkered with the Old world but it never clicked, love the fluff hated the rules. Then came Kings of War, Mike Carter actually did a demo with me and a buddy at Origins and its been a blast ever since. Love me Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarves and working on Brotherhood. 

I'm not a master painter like Billy or a creative genius  like Kyle. I'm fat guy who loves going to tournaments and hopefully doing ok. 

Currently doing battle reports with Kyle and traveling to any tournament I can. 
If you have something you would like to share to TOO you can send the info to [email protected] or use the submission box below

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