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Thanks to my location (and my finances!) it took a while for the Kings of War ball to get moving for me. I had to live vicariously through the blogs and battle reports of this awesome community for the last couple of years.  But now that I have my best friend, my wife, and several other new players sticking their toes in the water my gaming life has been good to me, and we hope to be appearing at tournaments this year (somethjing I've always wanted to do, but family responsibilies, and again, finances).  In quiet moments between work and my son, Atlas, I have nearly finished my third army model wise with the plans for two more at the beginning of next year.  When I play I field either my Orcs (that I'm very ineffective with), League of Rhordia or Kingdoms of Men (slightly less ineffective with), or my Basileans (who I am least ineffective with, which is not saying much tbh).
The idea of this page is to have a central hub connecting all aspects of the game we all love, Kings of War.  We want to be here to let you know when new material is posted by your favorite battle reporters, terrain makers, podcasters, or bloggers.  We will also house our own battle reports as well as a blog following a player's quest for mediocrity.
We want to share any tournaments or events that are going on in our calender, to have the results posted along with the army lists of the winners and hopefully their insight into what makes their list work for them.
We will have reports on things such as strategy, themed lists, and models from different lines that can be used when building new armies or stretching your minimum model count for affordability.  There will be links leading you to anything you ever wanted to know about basing, and how to get great results as cheap as possible. The Other Games section will host infomation on a couple of games that are not directly related to KoW.
This site is a gift to the community we love, and we hope you will help us is this decidedly ambitious undertaking.  We need TO's to send us your tournaments information, and then we will probably be bugging you and the winner for standings and list insight!  If some of our favorite KoW personalities are releasing new material, drop us a line an let us know for a little extra publicity.  If you find a page that you think your fellow KoW hobbyists would be interested in send it in an e-mail so we can list it as a resource online!  And if you see that we do not have connections to your (or your favorite) KoW blogger/youtuber please let us know so we can connect them here!  
So please, enjoy this page KoW community. It's all for you!


Uncivilized naer do well.
I am fortunate enough to have a longtime club, The Blues City Brawlers, that has been mostly a Warhammer Fantasy club until Sigmar dropped. Rob Phaneuf swooped in and converted us all to Kings of War, and the rest is history. 

I'm definitely a hobby gamer and live to improve my paint and try new  hobby techniques. I'm really excited to start contributing to TOO. If there's demand, I may even do some tutorials in the future!

Dwarfs are the best army. Period. 

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