Blood on the Bluegrass

In the early days of the conflict for Bowling Green and the Bluegrass the leaders of the various factions find themselves unprepared for the amount of soldiers pouring into the lands from all sides.  Old alliances will be renewed, and new ones forged, as the shadows of war envelop the Bluegrass.
This mini campaign was designed to be played as doubles team games, but the campaign can be easily modified for normal games.

Army Composition
Teams made up of two 800 point lists (1600 points total), both with customized Colonel.  In the first scenario players will only bring 600 point lists (1200 per side), the second two games will be at the 800 point level. Any Force Lists may be paired together to form a team regardless of alignment, but an evil/good combination cannot inspire, or use spells on, their partner’s force. If the teams are of agreeable alignment (not an evil/good duo) they may cast spells and inspire their partner’s army as if a friendly, non allied unit.
Allies may NOT be used in this event.
Please remember to follow the rules of the Organized Play Book regarding the forces point size in relation to number of War Engines, Heroes or Monsters allowed for each event.


Round 1:Unsteady Ground

The Bluegrass is filled with hostile forces from all corners of Mantica, and out of necessity alliances begin to form.

Players will use 600 point force lists for this scenario (1200 pts a team)

Setup: The board will be split into 4 2x3 sections.  A team will split the deployment zone and decide which quarter of the table their individual army will start on, then deploy there with the following exceptions:
Withhold the Colonels and up to 1 hero for each army (2 Colonels  and up to 2 heroes per team) .

When both sides have fully deployed, roll off again to see who deploys their Heroes first. These characters must be deployed within 8” of the exact center of the table and in the same table quarter that their respective force deployed on.

Scenario Rules: The Commander and other Heroes at the center of the table may not attack enemy units, nor be attacked, during the first turn. Whenever a unit moves/charges into a new table quarter they must roll a d6, on a result of 1 the ground collapses into a massive sinkhole under the unit and it is considered routed.

Victory: Whichever team controls the most squares (using Unit Strength) at the end of the game is the winner.

For Next Round: Keep track of any units that survive.

Round 2: Scorched Earth

Iric snarled as his massive sword hacked through the air and collided with with the Salamander’s shield. The warrior buckled under the force of the blow, stumbling backwards a step.  There was a look of shock in its beady reptilian eyes as Vigot ran him through a moment later, but Iric was already turning towards another of the witch’s lizards running at him with it’s sword high.  With a deadly speed and almost inhuman strength he swung the great blade up in an arc and cleaved through the tough scales and skin of the creatures sword arm, severing it right below the elbow. It fell to its knees hissing in pain for a brief second before the massive sword caved in it’s skull.

Iric spun his head looking for something else to feed his bloodlust.  This was when he felt the most alive, when the gifts of the true god burned in his veins and the rage that was always hiding under the surface would take hold, transforming him into a tool of  
wrath and destruction.  He let loose a great roar of challenge as he turned, but there was no one near enough to kill. He breathed in heavily, and could feel some of the rage subside as clear thought began to return.  

Vigot stood at his left with two more Sons, while Hallgrim cursed loudly as he tied a strip of cloth over the grisly axe wound in his thigh.  Five more Sons lay unmoving on the ground, their souls returned to the warrior for further glory in the afterlife. Five hard men Iric had bled with many times since leaving the frozen north.  But he felt no sadness, only grim pride, for littered in pieces around the dead Varangur was the gory product of their work; 20 reptilian corpses.

Iric heard an animal growl behind him and turned to see Grogsnoc astride his bloated Mawbeast.  The mount’s eyes were fixed on him, and the fur along it’s neck and spine were bristled. The Northman’s lips curled back as he bared teeth through his blood matted beard and he jerked at the beast as if to strike it while delivering a vicious growl of his own.  It flinched and cowered back a step, but the eyes of the rider atop it twinkled mischievously as if to match the sickening grin that was always plastered on the Goblin’s face. Iric fixed the bigit with a glare sharper than any axe and spit to the side.

“Where are your forces?  You were supposed to clear that treeline of the witch’s filth.”  He barked at the Bigit while shooting a gauntleted finger towards a copse of trees on the other side of the field. Arrows flitted out of the leaves and branches, fired from mighty centaur longbows and raining down on a group of Bloodsworn attempting to cross the killing field.  The men were taking heavy losses and Iric could see that they were on the brink of wavering.
“Patience, patience warlord!”  Grogsnoc spoke calmly in his best sycophantic tone, his treasonous smile never leaving his face.  “My boys are bringing a surprise, there’s no need to worry, yes, no need to..” Iric’s heavy iron covered boot smashed into the face of the beast as his hand grabbed it’s sniveling master by the throat and ripped him from his saddle, bringing the goblin within inches of him.  

“I do not want excuses fool.”  The northman roared into Grogsnoc’s face, spittle flying from his mouth “I have been far too lenient on your rabble, perhaps your flayed corpse upon my banners will spur your dogs to action where you have failed!” The words had barely left Iric’s mouth when a great BOOM sounded from the direction of the treeline and shook the ground.  He stared where the dense forest had hidden the Centuars a moment before, now enveloped in a raging fire that stretched hundreds of feet into the air above the great ancient trees that it ravenously fed upon.

Grogsnoc’s fists shot out triumphantly into  the air as he breathlessly exclaimed “Explosives!” Another great BOOM sounded on the opposite side of the field in another stretch of forest, and Iric’s hand unclenched, dropping Grogsnoc unceremoniously to the ground.  The goblin gently stroked the darkening bruises that were forming around his neck but the smile was still there on his face, accompanied now by a nervous laughter. Iric did not notice though, the fires reflected off of his wide eyes and his lips were stretching into a wretched grin of his own.  Soon everyone within 100 leagues of this land of the Bluegrass would know his name. He had come from the north to deliver the message of Korgaan. He had come to deliver death.
Use full 1600 pt team list for this scenario.

Setup:  For this scenario treat terrain the same as in the SECURE scenario, but teams score a VP when they “bomb” a piece of terrain (each piece of terrain can only be bombed once.   
After deployment each player marks a single unit to be their bomber (so 2 bombs per team) .

Scenario Rules:  Units with explosives can not move At the Double.  Bombs can be activated at the end of movement (outside of deployment zone) and explode 1 turn later, the unit can also charge a enemy unit and activate the bomb instantly in melee combat (or attack as usual).  Bombs have 2d6 hits with piercing 4 on any unit within 6" and destroys the bomber unit. When a unit with the bomb is routed through combat the bomb is considered diffused and does not explode.

Special Rules: Any units that survived the last battle gain Vanguard for this scenario.

Victory:  Victory is awarded to the team that bombs the most hills, difficult, or impassable pieces of terrain fully within the opponent's half of the table.  

For Next Round: Be sure to record any units that kill a enemy Colonel or diffuses a bomb.

Round 3: There’s No Teleporting In KoW

The alliances of necessity have begun to fall apart and the former partners take to the field to strike down one last mutual threat.  Though the armies will take the field on the same side, setting their animosity towards each other aside, they operate as separate forces .

Use full 1600 pt team list for this scenario.
Setup- Before rolling for sides players roll for d3+1 portals, can be represented by Objective markers. Players take turns placing them near the center of the 2x1 flanks of the deployment zone

Special Rules-
For this scenario the Colonels and forces of the teams do not inspire each other and cannot cast spells on each other.

Any Unit that killed an enemy Colonel, or diffused a bomb, in the last round is always considered Inspired.

Moving Through the Portal- Anytime a unit travels through a portal it rolls a d6, on a 1 (no re roll) the unit is lost to the nightmare realm of the ways and considered routed (Does not count for opponents attrition).  When you exit a portal you come out in the direction you were traveling (or the nearest open side of the portal if blocked), After exiting a portal the unit comes out with the Disordered status.. If the unit cannot fit in the destination then they cannot enter the portal.
Example  Enter: --> []   Arrive: [] -->

Victory: Follow the conditions for the Dominate Scenario

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