Mortibris the Necromancer cursed and spat in the dust as he saw the host which awaited them. Leave it to the Elves to meddle in matters which did not concern them. With the Dwarfs and possibly the Basileans soon to be at his back, he could ill-afford further distractions here. No matter. The Elves facing him had no idea of the power he could unleash. Not even the blighted maiden at their head, whose essence he recognised readily enough… Madriga!
Edge of the Abyss is a global campaign that will see the map of Mantica change, depending upon whether good or evil triumphs on the battlefield. Throughout the summer of 2017 Mantic will be collecting the results from battles around the world, which means that you can decide the fate of Mantica. You’ll also find brand new heroes, new units, formations and more to bring your games of Kings of War to life.

International Campaign Day pack 2016, 2017(1)

Adapted from GW's Mighty Empires, the rules from the King of Thrones Campaign blog.  The most in depth custom campaign system for Kings of War!
By Vega the Destroyer.  Galahir is a campaign rule set for small scale Kings of War battles.  The unit selection rules are great for small scale exhibition games as well.

By Greg of Unplugged Gamers, Shards of Power: Quest for the Fenulian Mirror is a hybrid map-based and narrative campaign for Kings of War.  Rather than playing a series of one-off games or participating in a tournament, players will be building a narrative as they explore Valundar and fight battles in search of the missing shards.

From Adepticon 2017, a tournament campaign featuring 4 unique scenarios.

By Britton Bounds, a very unique campaign system that utilizes playing cards.
This is a narrative campaign, set in the region of Traumatia, a rather unknown territory of Mantica, during the beginning of The Rising of Morgoth. Battles will be fought and tied into the unfolding story.The story will also dictate a lot of battles that will be played. Heroes will rise and heroes will die. Nothing is certain!

By Alistair Scott

By Leon Chapman

By Chris Kellehan.  One of the most in depth campaign systems for KoW yet, using GW's Mighty Empire tiles.


By Charlie Ryan.  A campaign that takes place during the events surrounding the storyline of the Bowling Green Massacre GT.

Fiction in the world of Kings of World

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