International Campaign Day
Tag scenario 1500 pts
Elves VS Orcs

Thanks to our schedules my original plans for International Campaign Day fell through.  However my wife Beth, who is still new to Kings of War (and suspiciously lucky a lot of the time), and I were able to find time for one scenario during our time block; Tag.  Three tokens on units from each army that represent being "it" and can be passed to enemy units, the goal being to have the least tokens by the end of the game.  When you charge you can either tag an enemy unit (which cannot "tag" your unit back again, forcing them to find another unit to attempt a tag) OR you can perform a charge as normal.  If it a unit is destroyed while being "it" then the token is destroyed with it.  Since her first army and my orcs are still a WIP we decided to hit up the trusty ol' Universal Battles for a game.
Here is our lists, complete with our custom living legends Catalina and Grimdong (we're not that great at names).
Orcs 1500 pts + Legend:
Ax Horde with Pipes of Terror            220 pts
Orclings Horde                                        90 pts
Great Ax Regiment                               145 pts
Fight Wagon Regiment                         170 pts
Gore Riders Regiment                          185 pts
Troll Troop                                             125 pts
Gore Riders Troop                                120 pts
War Drum                                                80 pts
Godspeaker / Helm of Inspiration        95 pts
Krudger on a Slasher / Ensorcelled Armor                                                                      270 pts
Grimdong- Troll Bruiser- +1 Me, "Vicious Codpiece"- Vicious, De +1    185 pts

Elves 1500 pts + Legend:
Tallspears Horde with Brew of Strength     260 pts
Forest Shamblers Horde / Mace crushing   195 pts
Kindred Archers Horde / Brew Keen Eyes   260 pts
Kindred Archers Reg / Piercing Arrow         160 pts
Palace Guard Regiment / Blade Slashing    155 pts
Drakon Riders Regiment                                175 pts
Tree Herder                                                      260 pts

Catalina- Elven Mage- +1 De, Fireball (10) 10 pts,
Lightning bolt (5) 45 pts, Lightning Boots- L. Bolt
+2, Fly                                                                                    195 pts       
Beth placed her "it" tokens onto a unit of high defense Shamblers and her Tree Herder in her front ranks and her regiment of fast moving drakon riders, I could tell she wanted to tag off those tokens as quickly as possible and keep them all contained to the middle of the map while my thinking was that I wanted to destroy as many of those tokens as quickly as possible while keeping control of a couple for late game tactics (if my lines held up that long).  I kept most of my front ranks free of tokens as targets for Beth's taggers while throwing 2 on my high defense legend and krudger as well as 1 one my Ax Horde that was waiting in the back lines for clean up duty.

Beth took her vanguard with the Herder and Shamblers, stopping just short of my charge ranges.  On my first turn I gave into her trap and moved everything forward into range of her new front ranks, I moved the troop of gores in front of Grimdong hoping to present 3 tempting targets for her tokens in front of her while sending my regiment of gores around the pond to threaten her spell casting legend and put pressure on her horde of archers.  I hesitated to push my right flank too far as I didn't like the potential of her drakon riders joining the spear horde so only moved forward a few inches, which would soon prove to be a mistake!

Beth rushed her 3 "it" units right into the my middle ranks as I had hoped.   Her legend, Catalina, took sight on my gore regiment who was just in ranged of her 7 lightiing bolts.  6 bolts connected, but I came out relatively ok with a steady 2 damage.  The nearby archer horde took aim at Grimdong the bruiser scoring 17 hits but failing to cause any damage.   I thought my luck was holding on the right flank as her archer regiment only dealt 2 damage out of 10 hits on my troop of trolls, but the 2 ended up being just enough for her to score a waver.  This effectively created a roadblock for my wagons and created a decision for me on my Krudger.

The shamblers, Herder, and Drakon Riders all tagged their opponents (Gores, Great Ax, and Orclings) as predicted and the first turn was over.  Aside from the mobile flank brought to a standstill everything seemed to be going the way I had planned, but with all 6 tokens in my possession I was starting to wonder how sound of an idea it was to begin with.

In spite of how decently well I felt the game was going, my options were a little limited for turn 4 thanks to my 3 wavered units.  My godspeaker fired into the hole where my great ax regiment used to be and dealt 2 more damage to the weaked forest shamblers, giving them just enough damage for me to rout it (down to 3 tokens).  The troll troop dealt a modest 2 damage to the palace guard, but my krudger struck the tallspear horde for another 7 damage and routed it for the total rambo effect.  For me this turn was short but sweet.

The kindred archer horde fired into the gore rider regiment staring it in the face, but dished out only 2 damage.  Her legend struck out again, failing to hit the krudger aimed right at her with a spell, and the nearby archer regiment did not far much better with 1 damage.  She got a little releif this turn in the form of her palace guard routing the troll troop after shlacking them for 8 points, and her drakon riders finally driving my orcling horde off the table, destroying another token (2!).

Turn 2 I charged with my front ranks back into the units that had tagged them previously (excepting my orclings), my goal was to soften up the center so that by the time my axes got involved they could steamroll through what remained and find a target to tag.  I knew my front rank would go down eventually, but it gave me a extra turn of attacking while she tagged me and when they were routed the tokens would be gone from the game as well.  I am a pro when it comes to killing my own orcs, it was nice to use the skill to my advantage for once.

From behind the holding steady orcling horde my godspeaker took fire(ball) at Beth's drakon riders, though I probably would have been better off charging the vicious lil bastards intead as my speaker managed only 1 damage on the elves.  Grimdong and the doomed gore riders troop charged into the forst shamblers.  Grimdong was good for an almost automatic 5 damage (Me 2, CS3, and vicious is a beautiful thing) and the gore riders were good for 2 more, and the great axs score 3 damage on 7 hits to the tree herder.

Since they were hemmed in by the wavered troop of trolls I spent the wagons' turn changing facing so that I could try and get them in as support for the axe horde if needed.  I decided to gamble on the trolls coming to my krudger's aid within a turn, and rambo'd into Beth's tallspears horde managing 5 damage.

Beth spent her 2nd turn counter charging and moving her house guard towards my now steady troop of trolls. Her legend missed it's spell attack on the encroaching gore regiment, while the archer horde managed a single point of damage on grimdong.    The shamblers routed the gore rider troop with 6 more wounds, destroying the first token (5 left in play), while the herder dealt 5 damage to the great axs, and the drakon riders put 3 damage on the stubborn orcling horde.  Finally, the horde of tallspears connected for 17 hits on the krudger, but the armor earned it's points and I came out with only 2 damage.

Since I didn't learn from the last turn, I kept my orclings holding steady as a meatshield for my inspiring speaker and blasted off another round of fireballs at the drakon riders managing a whole 'nother point of damage.  For some reason I don't remember I also picked this as the time to tag the weakened forest shamblers with my legend Grimdong. My gore regiment finally found their way into the archer horde inflicting 7 damage and disordering it, while on the other flank my trolls charged into her palace guard for 3 damage.   The great axs let me down, dealing only 1 more damage on the tough tree herder.  But my krudger ended the turn for me on a high note by dealing another 6 damage against a tallspear horde he had no business soloing.

Beth's legend launched her own fireballs at my gore regiment that was busy harrassing her archer horde dealing 2 damage but managing to waver them.  Her archer regiment, who had not been in a position to see anyone since the first turn took sight on my wagons and gave them their first wound.  Her shamblers also only managed 1 damage on my legend when they charged in, but it was enough to waver him, meanwhile her herder was able to finally rout my great axs with 4 more damage (4 tokens left).  The drakon riders struck at my orclings again for 6 points of damage, this time leaving them wavered, while her palace guard added 3 more damage to my troll troop.  My krudger held strong again against the tallspears, taking 1 damage on 14 hits this time.

It was looking pretty good for beth at the end of turn 3, but the token situation was going as I had hoped so we both went into the next round feeling pretty good about where we stood.

This was the turn when everything finally came together for me.  My ax horde did a combo charge with the wagons who had been sitting in waiting against the drakon riders.  My axs chose to tag the elves, passing their token off, then the wagons proceeded to wipe them off the board after delivering 12 more damage.  My wagons repositioned to face the palace guard creeping up at their back and then my krudger, who had been the mvp all game long, slammed into the archer regiment and tagged it, transferring the last token left in play and leaving her with no options to get rid of it.

Beth proudly soldiered on, wanting to dish a little revenge at least.  Her archer horde and legend fired at the krudger but combined for only 3 more damage, the newly tagged archer regiment charged into him and dealt 2 more damage, which was enough to waver him, but he still blocked any path and sliver of hope the regiment had of tagging another unit.

We called it after this turn, as she had no options left and our time slot for the round was coming to a close.  As I wrote this up I noticed that we did make a few mistakes in our rush (first time we had played with a time limit!), but we both absolutely had a blast at in our small little corner of the international campaign day!  We loved tag and look forward to going back and playing some of the other scenarios whenever we get the time.  Big thanks to Kris Kapsner, Mark Cox, and Ben Stoddard for all the work you guys did putting all this together, you did a hell of a job!

Word is there will be another International Campaign Day this summer, I'll definitely be requesting a couple days off for this one and trying to go for the 24 hour challenge, we cant wait!

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