Lists of Infamy

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This page hopes to keep a log of some of the tournament winning lists, preferably with commentary from the player on how their army handled the competition and why their list works so well for them.  This page will only be possible with the help of the players and TO's, so please make sure to submit your info after your victories!

Goblins with Rhordia allies-
2018 Bowling Green Massacre Winning list by Jeff O'neal
Herd with Nature Allies -
Bowling Green Massacre 2nd Place list by Tim Smith
Kingdoms of Men with Rhordia allies-
Bowling Green Massacre 3rd Place list played by Keith Randall
Romans -
Bowling Green Massacre 5th Place list played by Shawn Williams
Goblins- 2018 Mountaineer Winning list by Cyle Pool
Undead- Orctown 2018 winning list played by Chris Murphey
Ratkin- Warkings 2018 Winning list played by Erich Trowbridge
Undead and Trident Realms - Blues City Brawl 2018 winning team list played by Kevin Von Feldt and Jeff Swann

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Lists of Infamy

Goblins- Jeff Oneal
Herd - Tim Smith
Kingdoms of Men- Keith Randall
Romans- Shawn Williams
Goblins- Cyle Pool
Undead- Chris Murphey
Ratkin- Erich Trowbridge
​Undead/Trident Realms- KVF & Swann

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